24 thoughts on “The Longest Ride Official UK Trailer #1 (2015) – Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson Movie HD”

  1. What a suprize, it’s a Nicholas Sparks movie, this looks like a massive
    change from his normal movies(sarcasum reaching unsafe levels, better

  2. It’s amazing how all these stories one way or another come back to the
    tired and well trodden Romeo and Juliet story of people “from two different
    Hollywood has much originality as a car with a steering wheel

  3. Pretty white people – check
    Pick Up Truck – check
    Small Town – check
    World War II – check
    Romeo & Juliet cliché love story – check
    yeah it’s a Nicolas Sparks movie same story line but different title so
    that makes it new…..somehow 

  4. I’m surprised people still want to go to the theatres to watch this. The
    Notebook should’ve been the first and last Sparks book to be turned into a

  5. The only reason I’m gonna watch this is because of Brit Robertson who
    played Angie on the show “Under The Dome”. 

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