25 thoughts on “Little Boy Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson Movie HD”

  1. I actually got the chance to see this movie at a screening in 2013 before
    it got picked up by a studio (since the company my dad works for has ties
    to the director in some way), and um… it’s as cheesy as it looks. The
    religious message was also a little heavy-handed. Not strongly recommended.

  2. yeah, lets teach kids that whatever they want to happen will happen and
    that having faith in god will achieve anything, you know instead of
    actually working for it and understanding reality.

  3. I can see a lot of stupid people here commenting “this movie is stupid”.
    This is a movie and not a real life story. A movie is to entertain you not
    to praise and follow the movie stupid people.

    Why stupid people wont react on movies like transformers, godzilla which is
    far more unbelievable than this? Becase they are stupid. Simple as that.
    They dont know what movie is. 

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