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Extra Butter And Reebok Create Another Capsule In Honor Of New York’s Lower East Side

New York’s own Extra Butter has engrained themselves in the city’s culture, and has become an integral part of the Lower East Side’s robust sneaker traditions. Not only is their NYC store located in New York’s LES, but Butter was tasked with hosting a one-day pop-up shop for the Black Pigeon SB Dunk just one block away from where the original drop occurred. It would be nearly impossible to talk about sneakers in downtown NY without referencing the guys at Extra Butter….

Via: Sneaker News

New York’s Biggest Tourist Destination Transformed Into Breathtaking Infrared Landscape

New York-based, Italian born photographer and graphic designer Paolo Pettigiani took to the Big Apple’s one remaining oasis, Central Park, to photograph the breathtaking attraction in a never-before-seen manner. Recognizing that the human eye cannot see in infrared, Pettigiani has called on a special filter to transform the often grey cityscape into an industr…