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Lil Yachty Shares Title for His Debut Album

Lil Yachty recently caught up with MTV for its latest digital cover story. During the sit down, he addresses critics who claim he’s “destroying hip-hop,” revealing “People say I’m destroying hip-hop, and I’m like, there’s so much hip-hop, and it’s so popular, so I don’t know why I have the power to destroy it.” He also went on to unveil the title for his debut album which he’…


Snapchat Discover Channel “Brother” Has Lil Yachty Painting A Lil Boat

Snapchat seems to be sticking around for a while still, with new ventures popping up in efforts to utilize the platform in unique ways. One such example is Brother, a “Snapchat Discover channel that launched only a few days ago. Eliciting the help of Lil Yachty to help spur its awareness, Brother invited the ATL rapper over to its headquarters in Los Angeles to chat about his …


Kylie Jenner Makes Her Musical Debut On “Beautiful Day” Featuring Lil Yachty & More

Producer Burberry Perry uploaded a new self-titled six-track project onto his SoundCloud last night. To many’s surprise, the song “Beautiful Day” included an unexpected feature from Kylie Jenner who made her musical debut alongside Lil Yachty, Justine Skye and Jordyn Woods. The 18-year-old talk raps a Mister Rogers-inspired verse over the Bubblegum beat with a…