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KNOW WAVE Releases T-Shirts to Celebrate SLAM JAM Milan Opening

To celebrate SLAM JAM’s recent Milan retail shop opening, Aaron Bondaroff’s online radio station, KNOW WAVE, released two exclusive T-shirts. The “Italia” shirt features the KNOW WAVE logo printed on the front and the classic Italia color scheme to celebrate the new retail shop’s location. The second “917 shirt” is a collaboration with Alex Olson’s Call Me 91…


KNOW WAVE Launches T-Shirts

To most of you the name Aaron Bondaroff should ring a bell. Bondaroff aka A-ron aka The Downtown Don has been a fxture in downtown New York as long as we can think. From his early involvement at Supreme to the founding of aNYthing and OHWOW Gallery, A-ron has always kept himself busy and continues to impress us by naturally being ahead of the curve. One of his most recent ventures is…

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