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Nike Wants You To Customize The “90/10” Pack

By now, you are well aware of one of the most popular trends in today’s sneaker industry – customization. The resurgence of this idea first started with the release of the Travis Scott x Air Force 1 that saw its Nike Swoosh come with interchangeable options, allowing the wearer to truly add its own look. Now, Nike is firing up that trend across an entire five-piece collection dubbed the “90/10” pack, which plays off the idea that the Swoosh handles 90% of the design, a…

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Google Wants Its Self-Driving Cars to Compete with Uber

It looks like Google’s much-hyped self-driving car project will finally get its own company underneath Google’s Alphabet holdings group, as early as next year. The project is under tremendous pressure to start generating revenue, and the tech mammoth has ambitions of bringing an autonomous ride-hailing system to market, starting with small areas…

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Timbaland Has Unreleased Music From Aaliyah That He Wants to Share With You

Timbaland has taken to Instagram to announce that he is in possession of unreleased music from Aaliyah, who passed away 14 years ago. Much of Baby Girl’s music and other forms of intellectual property are guarded by her friends and family, but as Timbaland produced much of Aaliyah’s second album One In A Mill…

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