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hobo & TRUCK Unveil a Hand-Crafted Range of Camping Essentials

hobo joins forces with Osaka-based TRUCK FURNITURE for a series of handmade furnishings and outdoor essentials. Inspired by the latter’s “TSP LOW CHAIR,” designers Hideki Asakura and Tokuhiko Kise’s present the “Tabiki Bar,” a series of eight products (such as a paraffin-coated backpack, a utility bag, a log carrier and an apron) centered around the theme of camping. To…


Bagel Truck Creates Weed-Smoked Salmon and Cannabutter Cream Cheese

Celebrating the evolving food scene of Los Angeles, writer Erin Mosbaugh takes us on a quest to create weed-smoked salmon complimented by cannabutter cream cheese. Tapping the crew behind L.A.-based food truck Yeastie Boys Bagels, the classic breakfast dish consisting of a bagel, lox and schmear got a THC-fueled rework. Starting off …