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Vintage adidas Pieces Get Revamped Through Niuku and Basscoutur

Niuku Paris has teamed up with International Gallery BEAMS to launch an exclusive collection that reinterprets vintage adidas sportswear pieces. Making its debut at Paris Men’s Fashion Week for fall/winter 2017, the brand’s French/Japanese aesthetic incorporates unisex styles in minimal silhouettes. For its special collaboration with Basscoutur, a bevy of track jacke…


A Day And Night Through Taipei with plain-me and URBAN RESEARCH’s “City Traveller” Collection

Present day Taiwan embodies a complex history of cultural impressions, Japanese culture being one of them. As a nod to the country’s heritage, plain-me and URBAN RESEARCH have teamed up for their first collaboration dubbed “City Traveller.” The two brand…


13th Witness Dissects His Photographic Self-Taught Expertise Through #SHOOTITYOURSELF Series

Timothy McGurr, widely known as the photographer 13th Witness, shares his thoughts and emotions on his passion with photography through Canon’s #SHOOTITYOURSELF video series. The short bio film delves deeper into his photographic equipment, his upbringing in the art world with heroes like Keit…

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