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Philippe Starck Imagines a Screen-less Smartphone for the Post-iPhone Era

When Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone in 2007, he instigated a revolution in gadget design with the introduction of touchscreens. Now, renowned French designer Philippe Starck and peer Jerome Olivet are challenging the undisputed norm ten years later with their concept design for a post-iPhone smartphone. Called the Alo, the phone features no s…


Kyocera’s DIGNO Rafre is a Smartphone That You Can Actually Wash

Japanese smartphone producer Kyocera knows that everyday life can get a little rough around the edges sometimes, and that can end up rubbing off on your phone. That’s why its new DIGNO Rafre model comes with an extra-handy waterproof layer, a toughened pane of Asahi Dragontrail X glass that allows for use even when your hands are w…

Via: Hypebeast