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Huawei and Gentle Monster Are Developing a Series of Smart Glasses

Huawei has announced it will partner with eyewear maker Gentle Monster to develop a series of smart glasses in variously different frame designs.

Huawei CEO Hankook Kim made the announcement at the company’s #RewriteTheRules event in Paris, where it showcased several designs in some early concept renders. The bran…


This Smart Dining Table Can Both Charge Your Phone and Boil a Pot of Water

As our living spaces become ever smaller and rooms become multifunctional, there will come an increasing need for furniture that can solve multiple problems within its singular design. Cue the SMART SLAB by SapienStone and Stockholm-based design firm KRAM/WEISSHAAR, which integrates heating, cooling and wireless charging elements under a SapienStone ceramic tile surfac…


The Aria Lets You Control Your Smart Watch Without Touching It

With the Apple Watch out for just over a month now, one slowly starts to realize what the device and to some degree the smartwatch category is capable of, but at the same time one quickly finds out what it is not capable of. Having a computer strapped to your wrist at all time, also has its downsides. Specifically, having to react to notifications or other alerts on the …

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