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and wander Shines a Light on Its 2017 Spring/Summer Roster in New Editorial

Japanese fashion imprint and wander has combined elements of activewear and sophisticated urban garments into its latest 2017 spring/summer collection. We are presented with a wide variety of pieces that will take you to the outdoors with comfort, ease, and of course style. Oversized and lightweight jackets are layered for an effortlessly cool aesthetic, redefinin…


The “Lampster” Shines Light and Shows Off a Side of Fun

Designed by a team out of San-Francisco, you can add character to your desk or other areas of your household or office with this robot lamp. Dubbed “Lampster,” this desktop appliance is based on old tractor headlights and can also produce different colors thanks to its RGB LED bulb. Additionally, its posture displays loads of personality and is offered in custom…

Via: Hypebeast