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The Air Jordan 6 Rings Receives a High-Visibility “Taxi” Revamp

Jordan Brand has experienced a major revamp in the last few years, adding to its expansion beyond retros, the newest iteration of the Air Jordan 6 Rings fusion silhouette pays homage to one of New York City’s notorious modes of transportations.

Dubbed the “Taxi,” the Air Jordan 6 Rings arrives dipped in a bright …


Ariana Grande’s Japanese “7 Rings” Tattoo Actually Translate to “Small Charcoal Grill”

Ariana Grande recently got a tattoo to celebrate her new “7 Rings” single going No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 but encountered one major problem. What she thought said “7 Rings” in Japanese kanji actually translate to “Small Charcoal Grill.” She revealed the new tattoo on her Instagram pa…


The Jordan 6 Rings Appears In A Crisp Black And Ice

The Jordan 6 Rings is a tangible homage to championship greatness, combining the seven shoes that Michael Jordan captured his half-dozen NBA Championships in — the Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 7, Air Jordan 8, Air Jordan 11, Air Jordan 12, Air Jordan 13, and Air Jordan 14 — into one detail-packed silhouette. Although the design inspiration is pulled from a veritable multitude of classic sneakers, the 6 Rings usually calls upon a single shoe for colorway inspiration: the Air Jordan 11, as it&#…

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Beijing Bridge Inspired By Olympic Rings

Ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, architecture studio Penda has designed a new bridge connecting Beijing and neighboring city Zhangjiakou where some of the outdoor Olympic games are slated to take place. Inspired by the five Olympic rings, the structure consists of a series of overlapping arcs made from tubular stainless-steel struts. The shape also pays homage to…