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This Spanish Residence Embeds Reptilian Waveforms Into the Landscape

Madrid’s GilBartolome Arquitectos has created a conversation starter amongst the architecture world with the Casa del Acantilado, a private residence near Granada that features a zoomorphic facade embedded into a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean. Housing a couple and their child, the provocative design features a two-store…


architect-K’s Monolithic Busan Residence Mimics a Small City

In South Korea’s post-war years, the coastal city of Busan has become something of an architectural hotspot and the site of some of the nation’s most exciting structures. Case in point is the Songdo Residence — also dubbed “Alice’s Adventures in Wonder House” — which was designed by local firm, architect-K. A sprawling, monolithic building that…


Four House Is a Single Residence Made of Four Separate Buildings

Four House is a single residence in Penafiel, Portugal comprised of four separate buildings. Three of the dwellings are set at right angles, while the fourth is rotated to align with an adjacent building. The structures together house two bedrooms, a master suite, a living area, and a kitchen/dining area, and are connected via a transparent roof. Utilizing matchi…

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