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One Of The World’s Most Recognized Sneaker Stores Explains Just How Hard It Is To Win A Yeezy Raffle

Yeezy Boost 350 restock day has pretty much come to a close, and many of you have likely struck out despite entering countless raffles offered up by stores around the globe. That feeling of bitterness is understood, but there’s no need to feel like you’ve been shorted because the odds of winning a pair of Yeez…

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Despite Desire To Be Recognized By High Fashion, Kanye West’s YEEZY Season Continues To Attract Youth

Does Kanye West still feel “marginalized” after being given the opportunity to launch a full-scale product and footwear line? There’s no doubt that YEEZY Season has taken 2015 by storm, and although the world of high fashion has taken notice of Kanye’s efforts, it appears that the ones flocking to shops…

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