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F.C. Real Bristol Drops Camo Sportswear for Spring/Summer 2018

Just in time for us to move our clocks an hour forward in the U.S., F.C. Real Bristol drops its third installment for Spring/Spring 2018. Although not disruptively imaginative, the collection sees tasteful color-infused camo patterns. Highlights include the two-toned “VENTILATION HOODY” and “CAMOUFLAGE PISTE.”

If you’re ready for a few pick-up games or t…


Facebook’s Latest Feature Will Let You Filter Events in Real Time

It’s not easy finding what events your friends or family are going to in the endless stream of content that is the Facebook newsfeed. To counter that, the social media giant recently launched a standalone app called “Events” that ostensibly provides you a slew of upcoming social occasions based on your friends’ activity—giving you an overview of when and where they are happenin…


Sweat out Your Real Estate Woes With This Collapsible Sauna Room

For sauna lovers worldwide, sauna rooms are no longer the sole abode of exclusive spa clubs thanks to this latest innovation by German company KLAFS. The S1 retractable sauna room is designed to be installed in moderately sized homes, and features a bellows design that extends from the size of a wall closet with a depth of 60cm, to its full size of 1.6m within 21 seconds.


Erykah Badu Puts Her Spin on Kanye West’s “Real Friends”

It’s only been a couple of days since Kanye West’s new single “Real Friends” set the Internet ablaze, but it looks like Erykah Badu is such a fan that she could not resist recording her own take on the track, titled “Trill Friends.” The Fat Belly Bella’s version revolves more around melody than Kanye’s bitter lyrics, but the real in…

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