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Twitter Plans to Open Verification to Everyone

Twitter’s coveted blue check will be showing up more frequently with the platform’s plans to make verification easier. During a 47-minute livestream on Periscope this past Thursday, Twitter’s chief executive Jack Dorsey stated, “The intention is to open verification to everyone and to do it in a way that is scalable, where we’re not i…


Snapchat Plans a Complete Redsign to Help Combat Decreased User Growth

This past Tuesday saw Snapchat deliver its recent public earnings report and the results weren’t great. The image messaging and multimedia mobile app continues to add daily active users (DAU) at a disappointingly slow rate of 3 percent — approximately 4.5 million actual new users. The slow user growth, allied with earnings being below Wa…


The Nintendo NX Has Plans for a Full Touchscreen Front Panel

Aside from rumors flying (and then being promptly shot down) that the forthcoming Nintendo NX handheld console might run on an Android system, little else has been said about the the project. However, The Verge has reported that the electronics powerhouse has filed a patent for a gamepad design that features a front panel built entirely from…

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