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Paul Smith’s 2017 Fall/Winter Collection Is a Celebration of Its English Heritage and Fine Tailoring

For Fall/Winter 2017, British fashion designer Sir Paul Smith did what he does best by delivering his signature “traditional with a twist” styling. The menswear veteran joined many others in hosting his first co-ed runway show at Paris Fashion Week at the Êcole des Beaux-Artes. Quintessential British style and fine tailoring took the center stage for this season’s …


Bad Brains Legend Paul “H.R.” Hudson is Getting His Own Biography Film

With the Bad Brains up for an inclusion in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, a new biography for group vocalist Paul “H.R.” Hudson has been announced. The legendary frontman has guided the monumental punk and hardcore act through classic records such as their self-titled debut album and the reggae-influence…


Paul Rodriguez on Fashion vs. Skateboarding And His Feature Film ‘We Are Blood’

Paul Rodriguez, P-Rod to his friends, fellow professionals and sometimes his detractors, has been skateboarding professionally since 2002. After being linked closely with a variety of low-key, high-profile and near-enough iconic brands throughout his successful career, Rodriguez, in recent times at least, has begun to strike ou…

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