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Chinatown Market Launches Debut Collection Inspired by NYC’s Canal Street

Established by ICNY designer Michael Cherman and LA-based photographer Alexander Bortz, Chinatown Market is a new brand inspired by the spirit of New York’s historic Canal Street. With a nod to the city’s iconic emblems including the classic “I Love NY” tee and ubiquitous smiley face shopping bag, the fall collection also infuses pop culture references like its “Clic…


NYC’s Worst Train Station Will Soon Get a Massive Revamp

Considered one of the grandest places in America in 1910, New York’s Penn Station was an architectural jewel with its Beaux Arts exterior, stately columns and lofty hall inspired by Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome. These days, it’s been dubbed the “ugliest train station” and even the “worst place on Earth” since being torn down and built entirely underground in 1968 with Madison…


NYC’s Subway to Receive Much-Needed Upgrades

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has announced plans to upgrade and revamp New York City’s busy public transit system, including some vital and much-needed updates to the city’s subway.

The extensive five-year plan includes the rollout of 1,025 new subway cars, including 750 newly-designed “Open Car End”-style trains that swap out doors between cars for an accordion-like…