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Air Jordan 1 “Not For Resale” In Yellow Releases On November 14th

The Air Jordan 1 “Not For Resale” is a shoe that’s incited strong opinions both positive and negative from sneakerheads since the day it was revealed. Some stores raffled their pairs, some stores made the buyers wear their shoes out the door to ensure their anti-reselling message would be followed — but all stores sold out, and the shoes supposedly created to make a statement about wearing your kicks are now being flipped for several times their original retail value. Now,…

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Reebok’s New Sole Fury Releases On November 8th

Furthering Reebok’s innovative tendencies in the running shoe-lifestyle sneaker crossover space is the new Sole Fury silhouette. In continued anticipation of the model’s launch, the world renowned sportswear brand’s latest offering is set to be rolled out as part of its #SplitForm campaign inspired by the creation of the design’s split cushioning. Born in the 1990s, split cushioning removes part of the sneaker’s midsole, serving as a calculated innovation aiding …

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UPDATE: Air Jordan 5 “Bred” Release Date Pushed Back to November

Update: According to Sneaker Bar Detroit, via the original source pinoe77, this still-unveiled Air Jordan 5 “Bred” will now release later this year on November 26. Although images have alluded us, the Instagram account is also claiming it’ll sport a black satin upper, akin to the “Satin Shattered Backboard,” set t…