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Maison Margiela’s Technical Numerical Backpack Sports a Distinct Military Inspiration

Utilizing its conceptual vision to interpret a military aesthetic, Maison Margiela recently released an unexpectedly rugged Technical Numerical Backpack.

Made in Italy, the rucksack style carrying option features a rubberized textile fabrication accompanied by a buckle fastened ripstop flap clo…


G-SHOCK’s New Luxury MR-G Salutes Japanese Military Commanders

Casio G-SHOCK has unveiled a new member to its luxury MR-G line: the MRGG1000B-1A4. Paying homage to the watch label’s Japanese heritage, this special timepiece features the Akazonae red color found on elite samurai armor, symbolizing the rank and valor amongst traditional Japanese military commanders.

The robust model incorporates an industrial strength black titanium bezel…


How Nigel Cabourn Integrates Military Inspiration into His Latest 2017 Fall/Winter Collection

For four months of every year, revered fashion designer Nigel Cabourn travels around the world, sourcing new vintage garments to add to his already enormous collection. As the owner of more than 4,000 archive and military pieces, Cabourn is known for his affinity with military-inspired outerwear and functional vintage reintroductions. Alw…


NEIGHBORHOOD Releases Its Version of the Military Flight B-3 Jacket

This winter season, NEIGHBORHOOD does what it does best and puts another spin on a classic military garment: the military flight B-3 jacket. The original heavyweight bomber jacket kept British forces warm at high altitudes during World War II. NEIGHBORHOOD’s version maintains most of the original’s design, slimming down the silhouette slightly, using horsehide rath…


The Hundreds 2016 Spring Collection is More Than Just Military Spec

California streetwear staple The Hundreds is gearing up for its upcoming Spring 2016 collection, in its most creative collection display to date. Utilizing a DIY zine-styled lookbook, the seasonal release harks back to traditional military garb worn by the brave soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War. The solidarity that formed after this d…

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