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How Darius Miles And Quentin Richardson Got Signed To Jordan Brand

Of all the NBA athletes who’ve had the honor of wearing Jordan Brand, none were as galvanizing as the tandem of Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson. As part of the LA Clippers’ promising core of the early 2000s, D-Miles and Q-Rich were were remembered for their highlight-potential style and the forehead fist-bumps that sealed each play. That signature sign-off became one of the most mimicked in-game celebrations across all sports and even appeared in the marketing campaign for the…

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This Electric Dirt Bike Can Travel 50 Miles on a Single Charge

Specializing in zero-emission off-road motorcycles, Swedish company CAKE has just listed for pre-order its first all-electric model — The KALK. Limited to 50 units, the KALK weighs in at just over 150 lbs and features a 15 kW IPM mid motor that’s powered by a 51.8 Volt, 50Ah battery.

As the bike was an entirely new concept, the design team s…


Essentials: Miles Jonard (Head of Production, Cannabis Studio Solstice Grown)

Up until recently, cannabis cultivating was an illicit act, often thought to be led by barbaric farmers who clear-cut forests to create pot plantations. With cannabis laws easing up in significant cities in North America and Europe, a new breed of farms and grow-houses have become more transparent with their growth methods — a practice that requires a…

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