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Here’s How Three Designers Are Moving Menswear Fabrics Forward

There’s always been certainties in the world of fashion, one such certainty being that menswear is less adventurous than womenswear. In fact, it’s often seen as downright boring in comparison. And nowhere is that conservatism more apparent than in the world of menswear fabrication.

Aside from the usual fabrics – denim, jersey, etc – designers are increasingly buckin…


Grailed’s CEO Talks About Reselling Culture and How Menswear Is Shifting

Menswear is booming, and men are spending more and more money and time shopping than women are. Even Balenciaga and Stella McCartney want to get in on the menswear pie with their own male-oriented lines. But unsurprisingly, a lot of men’s fashion is intertwined with streetwear and sneakers, a growing area of fashion that is often associated with limited releases and reselling…


Satirical Menswear Blog Four Pins Will Shut Down Next Year

Popular for its dryly satirical outlook on the latest happenings in menswear, Four Pins is sadly set to cease operations in early 2016. The news came to surface as a brief mention in a The New York Times article on New York’s newest Isaia store, which was subsequently confirmed by a statement from Four Pins.

After a considerabl…

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Toby Bateman: MR PORTER’s Fashion Director on The Future of Menswear Online

With an ever-expanding portfolio of impressive brands, a stylish and unparalleled reputation in terms of e-commerce and an editorial platform that swathes of more established titles would kill for, MR PORTER is an unprecedented online phenomenon. We caught up with Buying Director Toby Bateman to look back on a successful five years …

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