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Virgil Abloh & Heron Preston Sit Down With No Vacancy Inn to Discuss What “Culture” Really Means

During Art Basel Miami, No Vacancy Inn and KNOW WAVE teamed up to present “Communiversity,” which was a five-day event that presented the two collectives’ cultural point-of-view in the form of performance art, artist talks, films, interviews and musical performances. As part of event, V…


Kamea Hadar Illustrates “Hapa” As a Means to Promote Racial Equality

Smothered on a wall in the thick of rural Hawaii lies Hapa, a new mural by Kamea Hadar. Meaning “part” or “partial” in the state’s official language, the artwork is meant to symbolize the area’s melting pot of cultures, with an assertive emphasis placed on racial equality. Featuring the face of none other than Barack Obama h…