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Will Smith Cast as Serena and Venus Williams’ Father for ‘King Richard’ Movie

During last month’s Grammys, audiences were given an official first glimpse of a blue-toned Will Smith as Genie in the upcoming Aladdin remake. Now, the actor’s next big-screen picture has been revealed, which will cast Smith as Serena and Venus Williams’ dad, Richard Williams, in King R…


‘The Lion King’ Remake Becomes Disney’s Most Watched Trailer in a Day.

Disney proves that there is still a demand for remakes of its classic animated films. The recent one and a half minute long trailer for The Lion King, released during NFL’s Thanksgiving segment, has just become Disney’s most-watched trailer in 24-hours — accumulating 224.6 million views globally, pushing Via: HYPEBEAST

24 Kilates Adds King Kobra Touches To The Mizuno Wave Rider 1

The classic Mizuno Wave Rider has enjoyed a strong resurgence in popularity this year. Its striking silhouette and heavy dose of retro detailing fit in perfectly with current industry trends, and limited collaborations have helped its desirability rise as well. The next partner to take a collaborative crack at the classic runner? Spain/Thailand’s 24 Kilates. Inspired by the regal and highly dangerous king cobra, the shoes combine traditional athletic colors — navy, red, and gold — w…

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LeBron James Trolls The Knicks With “I’m King” Nike LeBron 15 PE

Earlier this NBA season, LeBron James ruffled some deadass feathers with a “King Of New York” claim on Instagram after his Cavs defeated the New York Knicks in comeback fashion. This led to a harmless and shortsighted clapback attempt by Enes Kanter, the Knicks forward who plays more defense on social media than he does in the paint. More recently, a billboard message went up to LeBron in an effort to lure the future free agent to NYC, challenging LeBron to prove his claim of ruli…

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Nike Honors Martin Luther King Jr.’s Revolutionary “I Have A Dream” Speech With Special Air Force 1

Joining the family of Black History Month-themed footwear by Nike is an all-black Air Force 1 Low that celebrates the brand’s unifying message of Equality. Just like the Air Jordan 1 Retro High that was revealed earlier, this Air Force 1 “Equality” features the inspirational motto on the heel portion of the leather-wrapped midsole. Additionally, Nike adds a commemorative graphic on the underfoot, while the date of Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have A Dream&#…

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Jason Alper Is The Undisputed King of Irony

Pop artist Jason Alper is widely recognized for juxtaposing iconic logos with familiar imagery from pop culture, fashion and fine art. For instance, he flipped the “Mona Lisa” and René Magritte’s “The Son of Man” by draping the subjects in monogrammed Louis Vuitton print, and altered Robert Indiana’s legendary “LOVE” sign to read “IRONY” instead. He…

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