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Medicom Toy & Sync. Join Forces for Jackson Pollock Teddy Bears

Medicom Toy has collaborated with Sync. for a pair of Jackson Pollock art-inspired teddy bears. The stuffed animal comes in two versions: one that is predominantly blue and the other mostly white. Both variations portray Pollock’s easily recognizable drip style of abstract expressionist painting and have a Sync. branded red or white r…


Theophilus London Models a Jacket Adorned With the Faces of Michael Jackson, Yoko Ono and Stevie Wonder

A brand started by London-based designer Elle Azhdari and stylist Cristina Aranda-Garzon, THE FAN now launches a bomber jacket that features hand-stitched and hand-painted patches of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine covers. Part of the label’s MEGASTAR collection, these designs are hand-customized in the UK, made in the U.S., and are available in grey…