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WOLF’S HEAD x WACKO MARIA 2016 Summer “Cuban Shirt” Collection

Often associated with lost tourists and tropical cruises, the loose summer button up shirt gets re-imagined by WACKO MARIA. Produced in association with Japanese clothing label WOLF’S HEAD, the collection of “Cuban” shirts and shorts feature a range of neutral colors in white, light green, taupe and black. The collection is defined by the intricate em…


Head Porter 2015 Autumn/Winter “Stellar” Series

Japanese luggage expert Head Porter are set to release an updated version to their popular “Stellar” series of bags and accessories. Enlarging the stars originally found on past releases, the design remains clean and stylish but now with a more dramatic look. The line continues to use soft nylon for construction, while pockets both…

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Essentials: Miles Jonard (Head of Production, Cannabis Studio Solstice Grown)

Up until recently, cannabis cultivating was an illicit act, often thought to be led by barbaric farmers who clear-cut forests to create pot plantations. With cannabis laws easing up in significant cities in North America and Europe, a new breed of farms and grow-houses have become more transparent with their growth methods — a practice that requires a…

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