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UPDATE: Google’s Blacklisting Search Engine Project in China Has Come to an End

UPDATE: Following major backlash at the censoring initiative of Google’s Project Firefly, it has been announced the data collecting enterprise has “effectively ended,” according to a new report from The Intercept. Although Google is still researching ways to launch a search engine Chin…


Gucci, Matt Lauer and Taylor Swift Top Google’s 2017 Year In Search

2017’s year-end wrap-ups continue; Google voted the best place to work this year, unveiled the results of this year’s search queries, from people and celebrity deaths to songs and tech.

Overall, sexual abuse controversies boosted several figures to the top of the “People” search list. Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and more took o…


Google’s Project Ara Modular Phone Has Been Suspended

Google’s Project Ara (codename “Spiral 2″) aimed to create the first modular smartphone, a future-proof device with modules such as speakers and cameras that could be customized and replaced. While a consumer version of the phone was slated for next year, the initiative has reportedly hit a dead-end. The project was origin…