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Google Home’s Price and Shipping Date Finally Revealed

The world of hands-free just took it up a notch. After announcing back in May that Amazon’s Echo would have a competitor, a few details have been revealed regarding Google’s latest product. AI-powered, the Google Home is geared to respond to your commands via its Voice Assistant. Home devices from SmartThings, Philips, IFTTT and Nest Thermostat will be available t…


Google Wants Its Self-Driving Cars to Compete with Uber

It looks like Google’s much-hyped self-driving car project will finally get its own company underneath Google’s Alphabet holdings group, as early as next year. The project is under tremendous pressure to start generating revenue, and the tech mammoth has ambitions of bringing an autonomous ride-hailing system to market, starting with small areas…

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Google Opens the Doors of Abbey Road Studios with An Interactive Experience

As of today, Google has digitally opened the doors to the infamous Abbey Road Studios. In their constant bid to “help the world experience people,” Google has developed an interactive and highly realistic experience allowing everyone the chance to explore the studio, hear its stories and play with its f…

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