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Kyrie Irving’s New Nikes Are Getting an Obsidian Makeover

Hot on the heels of “Confetti” and black/white make-ups, Kyrie Irving’s signature Nike Kyrie 4 is back with a brand new look. This time around, the Celtics star’s fourth Swoosh sig comes in a clean obsidian colorway. Sporting the navy blue-like hue across nearly the entirety of its upper, the design is highlighted by a contrasting white midsole while bold …


Sean Kingston Clears the Air on Getting “Jumped” by Migos While His Best Friend Pulled out a Gun

In a recent interview, Sean Kingston opened up about his altercation with Migos. Earlier this week, the 27-year-old artist was involved in a fight with the trio after a fashion show in Las Vegas. Kingston states that after the show, Migos contacted him to meet for a talk, but when Kingston met…


Bad Brains Legend Paul “H.R.” Hudson is Getting His Own Biography Film

With the Bad Brains up for an inclusion in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, a new biography for group vocalist Paul “H.R.” Hudson has been announced. The legendary frontman has guided the monumental punk and hardcore act through classic records such as their self-titled debut album and the reggae-influence…