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Frank Ocean’s Mysterious Tumblr Post Points to a Promising 2018

In typical Frank Ocean fashion, the famed R&B crooner once again bypassed today’s more popular forms of social media and instead conveyed a cryptic message on his Tumblr page. Leaving fans left to decipher the true meaning behind the mysterious words, Ocean posted an image of a young lad sporting a hat with a tagline that reads, “If…


Frank Ocean Issues a Personal Note Following Zine and “Blonde” Release

Shortly after the long-awaited and much-anticipated release of his new album, Blonde, followed by his Boy’s Don’t Cry zine, Frank Ocean took to his Tumblr page to post a personal note to his fans. Since the singer has largely avoided social media in the past, his Tumblr has remained one of the few ways he’s connected with the public. While he penned statement…


Frank Ocean Emerges to Pen a Tribute to Prince

Following his seemingly out of nowhere verse on The Life of Pablo, Frank Ocean has emerged once again to deliver a heartfelt tribute to one of his idols, Prince, who was pronounced dead earlier today. The often silent crooner talks about Prince’s unapologetic confidence, why “When You Were Mine” is his favorite song, the genius behind his artistry and more. You can rea…