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Vietnam’s Hopper House Fuses Traditional Design Elements With Contemporary Flair

Located in the Quảng An region of Vietnam lies the Hopper House. Architect firm AHL Architects were tasked to create a home — fusing cultural design details found in traditional Northern Vietnamese homes with contemporary configuration tactics. For instance, patios, thresholds, inner yards and roofs are but a few components typically f…


Casely-Hayford’s 2017 Fall/Winter Collection Is Full of Flair

The father-son duo have come out with a men’s and women’s fall/winter collection that is full of flair and grace. Balancing between sharp lines and rounded edges across tops and bottoms for both genders, the designs show off plenty of attitude in a grey and navy heavy set. The exaggerated silhouettes of coats and pants are blended together with a wide range of p…