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The New Balance 1500 Made In UK Features Supple Brown Leathers

New Balance’s special made-in-the-UK models are known for two things: their impeccable quality and keen attention to detail. They’re sneakers seemingly constructed with the touch of a lifelong cobbler, truly luxurious creations that harken back to a different time in footwear. They’re also an important part of NB’s lifestyle offerings season after season, and now the latest pair to arrive to market is a New Balance 1500, done up in a refined combo of black and brown. S…

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The Nike Kyrie 5 “Chinese New Year” Features Traditional Bai Jia Yi Patterns

Nike’s observance of Chinese New Year continues with this spirited collection of footwear that not only pays homage to an ages old tradition, but remembers their own CNY offerings of the past. Kyrie Irving’s signature shoe, the Nike Kyrie 5, was just revealed as part of the collection, featuring Bai Jia Yi quilted patterns on the emphatic heel piece as well as the Flytrap on the midsole. This recognizable detail will be consistent across all of Nike’s CNY sneaker offerings i…

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The Next Nike SB “Pigeon Dunk” Features Newspaper Headlines

The resurgence of the SB Dunk movement can be credited to Nike’s careful revival of past icons, executed in a manner as to not step on toes of the legendary OGs. In 2018, we saw Nicky Diamonds deliver three new “Diamond” takes on the shoe, while Concepts added their own flavor with the Purple and Green Lobster Dunks earlier this month. Jeff Staple, whose Pigeon Dunks saw a sequel of its own in late 2017, recently teased a third chapter of the Pigeon saga, which skate legend …

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Instagram Introduces 3 New Shopping Features for the Holiday Season

Today, Instagram introduced three new shopping features in its latest update, including one that allows users to buy products directly from videos seen in their feed.

Users can purchase products directly from their feed and/or add posts/products they may want to purchase at a later time to a new “Shopping” sec…


Concrete Haven in South Korea Features Ingenious Way to Connect Spaces

Brutalist architecture is here to stay and the latest development to hop on the trend is the Space House in South Korea. Completely clad with concrete material, the cube-shaped residential home boasts a sizable 13.4 x 13.4 square meters. To encourage homeowners to interact with nature, HBA architects created a cross-shaped empty spa…


Ai Weiwei’s “Life Cycle” Exhibit Features Unseen Inflatable Boat Sculpture

Seminal Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is the subject of a new solo exhibition at the Marciano Art Foundation in Los Angeles, California. Entitled “Life Cycle,” the momentous presentation features a never-before-seen sculpture meticulously crafted using traditional Chinese kite-making methods. The large…


Nike Air Force 1 “Ribbon Pack” Features New Methods Of Branding

Just when you may have started to think that Nike couldn’t possibly find another way to work some extra branding on a classic silhouette, they’ve managed to do it yet again. After a bona fide legion of alternate branded takes on everything from the Air Max 97 to the Huarache hit shelves over the last few months, the Air Force 1 — a shoe that we’ve already seen with extra logos before — has received two new takes for the ladies, complete with a bold new branded ribbon emb…

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SMETS’s FW18 Editorial Features Statement Pieces from Calvin Klein, Moncler & More

Julien Boudet strengthens his relationship with SMETS, as the noted photographer, once again, lent his professional styling acumen to the Belgium-based retailer’s Fall/Winter 2018 editorial. Similar to what we saw in last year’s automotive-inspired display, a choice selection of wares from some of t…


Audi’s PB18 E-Tron Electric Supercar Features a Center-Positioned Seat

This past Thursday, Audi unveiled its latest E-Tron electric supercar at Pebble Beach 2018. The futuristic vehicle boasts a center-positioned seat inside the cabin complete with integrated pedals, steering wheel, and multiple controls. However, the compartment can also be moved to a lateral side for a more traditional setup.