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Taco Bell Dropping Naked Chicken Chalupa Which Will Feature a Fried Chicken Shell

After dropping a limited Cheetos Quesadilla in December, Taco Bell returns in 2017 with a brand new Naked Chicken Chalupa. Its new innovation will feature a taco shell made of fried chicken instead of the flour tortilla shells taco lovers are accustomed to. To be exact, this new shell is composed of “four ounces of marinated, all-white-meat, antibiotic-free chicken kicked …


Facebook’s Latest Feature Will Let You Filter Events in Real Time

It’s not easy finding what events your friends or family are going to in the endless stream of content that is the Facebook newsfeed. To counter that, the social media giant recently launched a standalone app called “Events” that ostensibly provides you a slew of upcoming social occasions based on your friends’ activity—giving you an overview of when and where they are happenin…


Bobbito Garcia Works with PUMA for a Suede Mid and Clyde Low Double Feature

PUMA is working with legendary DJ/sneaker icon Bobbito Garcia this season on a collaborative dual release. Encompassing both the PUMA Suede mid and the Puma Clyde low, both pairs utilize earthy tones of grey, green and brown on suede textures to give the tones a bit of definition. The Suede mid-top version highlights Kool Bob Love’s Where’d You Get Those? hardcover book …