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Facebook and Warner Music Group Announce Licensing Deal

Warner Music Group and Facebook have finalized on a partnership that includes licensing agreements covering the music company’s recorded music and music publishing catalogs for use in videos and messages. The new deal allows fans to create, upload and share videos with licensed music from Warner.

Last December, Facebook share…


Facebook Rumored to Debut Hardware This April

Facebook launched its hardware-focused department building8 awhile back, but the tech company never clarified what type of hardware it was looking to get into. The project is led by ex-Google employee Regina Dugan, who recently hinted that hardware advances could help those far away to truly connect, prompting many to assume that building8 must be working on something along …


Facebook & Instagram Set to Start Showing Ads in the Middle of Videos

It was announced recently that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook and Instagram will begin testing a new “mid-roll” video ad format. With the introduction of the new format, video publishers will be given the option to insert ads that will appear after a viewer has watched their clip for at least 20 seconds. The mid-roll ad format is being rolled out to profit on the streaming f…


Facebook Set To Introduce A New Copyright Identification System

Facebook is reportedly developing a system to identify and remove copyrighted content. Developed to appease major label demands, the system will be similar to YouTube’s Content ID. Once launched the system will cut down the sharing of unlicensed music and videos, and allow labels to fully capitalize on the viral nature of content released. Additionally, being the first …


Facebook Launches New Lifestage App for Teens

In a constant attempt to gain a younger audience, Facebook has launched a new standalone iOS app called Lifestage, geared towards users 21 and younger. To create a bio, instead of text, video snippets of your likes, dislikes, best friend, dance moves and more are recorded and compiled into a profile for others to watch. While users 22 and over can technically still download and use Li…


Facebook Messenger Is Your New Personal Shopping Concierge

Facebook just debuted chatbots for its Messenger application this week to much excitement. The tech giant promised new ways for consumers to interact with brands and companies by allowing users to “chat” with their favorite outlet. For example, a user could hop on Messenger and talk to an AI chat client which can read the latest news, get a weather report or help you s…