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The Evolution Of The New Balance 990, From 1982 To Present Day

New Balance, as we know it, reached new heights in 1982 and never looked back. The debut of the 990 was when the brand gained its identity as a powerhouse in running shoes, with Terry Heckler’s original brand logo greatly contributed to their bold re-entry. With the large and slanted N in place, the next step was to be as disruptive as possible, and the newly designed 990 was the shoe to carry that weight. There are so…

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Why Are Bootlegs Intrinsic to the Evolution of Fashion?

Dating as far back as the early 1900’s has fashion in all of its majestic splendor been strife by the intricate act of artistic appropriation. Spawning the creation of personalized labels, logos emerged as a way for artists to brand a certain creation its very own — announcing to all of its unfeigned authenticity. Perpetually sitting in this morally mu…


The Evolution of Nike’s Visible Air

Over the past 28 years, Nike has continued to innovate with its visible air technology. The Nike Air originally came out in 1987 and began a long-standing run of air cushioning that has of course been highlighted over the years throughout the brand’s heralded Air Max line. Alongside famed designer Tinker Hatfield, Nike’s Director of Cushioning Innovation, David Forla…

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