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Audi’s PB18 E-Tron Electric Supercar Features a Center-Positioned Seat

This past Thursday, Audi unveiled its latest E-Tron electric supercar at Pebble Beach 2018. The futuristic vehicle boasts a center-positioned seat inside the cabin complete with integrated pedals, steering wheel, and multiple controls. However, the compartment can also be moved to a lateral side for a more traditional setup.


Jaguar Vector Racing’s V20E Breaks World Electric Speed Record

Luxury automakers Jaguar has graced our pages numerous times throughout the years for its impressive catalog of cars that span such vehicles as the I-Pace, D-Type, and E-Type, amongst a legion of others. While the brand’s boat division remains somewhat of a mystery to some, Jaguar, in tandem with Jaguar Vec…


Puma Is Ready To Release The Thunder Electric Chunky Shoe

Puma’s recently released Thunder Spectra silhouette was one of the most positively received sneakers in recent memory for the brand, and it plans to capitalize on the gathered momentum. Next up, are two Thunder Electric iterations that fall in line with the on-trend chunky aesthetic of its Spectra predecessor. Its upper comes adorned in a complex layered pattern that utilizes multiple leather panels with vibrant colors to create a unique look. Both over-the-top midsoles feature a speckl…

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This Electric Dirt Bike Can Travel 50 Miles on a Single Charge

Specializing in zero-emission off-road motorcycles, Swedish company CAKE has just listed for pre-order its first all-electric model — The KALK. Limited to 50 units, the KALK weighs in at just over 150 lbs and features a 15 kW IPM mid motor that’s powered by a 51.8 Volt, 50Ah battery.

As the bike was an entirely new concept, the design team s…


Kenzo’s Fall/Winter 2018 Collection Went Heavy on Electric Colors and Asian Embroidery

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim’s Kenzo Fall/Winter 2018 collection at Paris Fashion Week was described by the duo as an autobiographical narrative inspired by Asian melodramas. The show setup was arranged in a way that the backstage mimicked a Hollywood production set, whose props and furniture extended to the runway. The protagonist of the co…


Audi Packed an Electric, Autonomous Longboard Into the Bumper of a Q3 With Its Connected Mobility Concept

Look, we get it: longboards are not cool (at all) in the eyes of most skaters. Scooters (non-skaters agree) are even lamer. But Audi is hoping to change your minds a bit with a little German engineering as it introduces its Connected Mobility Concept. Unveiled in Beijing this week, the specially-designed vehicle is mostly just your standar…