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From Digital to Physical: Ex-DONDA Graphic Designer GEO Unveils His Fashion Label

After working as a graphic designer for DONDA and creating some of the most notable album artwork projects within the hip-hop realm, as well as merchandise, London-based GEO has unveiled his first clothing line in the form of “Collection One.” The talented creative has managed to channel his experience in working with impactful names in fashion such as Katie Eary, Fe…


Check Out Some of the Artwork That Debuted at This Year’s Digital Madrid Festival

Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and other digital artists from around the world are gathering in Madrid for the fifth annual Digital Madrid festival. “Digital Madrid is an occasion. It’s an all-star game for visual artists,” said Trinidad-born, New York City-based Kadeem Fletcher who founded the event as an experimental installation in 2014 while stu…