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China’s Tencent Music Headed For IPO & Valuation Could Exceed $25 Billion USD

It looks like Tencent Music, the music distribution department of China’s international media giant Tencent, is is headed for an initial public offering (IPO) later this year. The Wall Street Journal reports that Tencent expects to audition investment banking advisors before the end of May and the music division is expe…


Tay Keith Believes “Look Alive” Success Could Squash the Memphis Hip-Hop Beef

When Drake and BlocBoy JB released “Look Alive” last week, it was celebrated as another big win for Drizzy. For JB, the hit was an introduction to mainstream media. The song collected millions of views within 24 hours — the YouTube tally currently sits at over 8 million plays — and is on a solid trajectory to land on the Hot 100. Also coming out on top is the s…


A “Safari”-Inspired Air Jordan 3 Could Potentially Be Part of an Atmos Collaboration Pack

There’s been buzz around the social media channels of a potential pack release by renowned sneaker retailer atmos consisting of the Air Max 1 “Elephant” and what looks to be a “Safari”-inspired Air Jordan 3. As most of you might already know, the Air Max 1 atmos “Elephant” was the winner by vote from Nike’s “Vote Back” contest — the model will be released on Air Max Day, M…


Could Larry David’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Be Making a Comeback?

Since its last episode in 2011, we’ve been impatiently awaiting the comeback of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The TV series follows a highly fictionalized version of Larry David where he plays the role of social assassin, voicing his problems with people’s social conventions which always leads to a series of funny and awkward confron…


Noah’s Second Coming Could Be the Biggest Brand Resurgence of the Year

“Curiosity — that’s the difference between people who get old and those who don’t.”

The man across the table does have a certain youthfulness about him, but his interminable track record in the New York streetwear scene would put him among the most experienced of OGs. If it were not for the recent media hype surroun…

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