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How Nike’s Digitally Connected Air Force 1s Opens Access To Exclusive Gear

Nike’s Air Force 1 NikeConnect, a shoe that will communicate with the wearer’s smartphone via a NFC chip embedded in the heel, was officially unveiled and released quietly earlier today. The shoe offers the wearer access to an exclusive release method called “The Choice”: when scanned with their smartphone, the sneaker enables the wearer to choose from and purchase one of two limited shoes each month. The wearer will also be able to gain access to exclusive events in N…

Via: Sneaker News

Audi Packed an Electric, Autonomous Longboard Into the Bumper of a Q3 With Its Connected Mobility Concept

Look, we get it: longboards are not cool (at all) in the eyes of most skaters. Scooters (non-skaters agree) are even lamer. But Audi is hoping to change your minds a bit with a little German engineering as it introduces its Connected Mobility Concept. Unveiled in Beijing this week, the specially-designed vehicle is mostly just your standar…