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Designer Creates Impressive Nike ACG 3D Flyprint Concept

Inspired by Nike’s revolutionary 3D-printed Flyprint technology and Errolson Hugh, designer and CGI artist Janis Sne has developed an ACG concept shoe titled Prototype 01. Borrowing elements from Nike’s DNA including its familiar Gore-Tex material, lightweight foam sole and performance utility, Sne has developed a sleek and advanced exam…


BMW Motorrad Debuts Sleek Concept 9cento Motorcycle

BMW’s Motorrad branch introduced its latest concept creation at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2018. The German automobile manufacturer rolled out the Concept 9cento (pronounced “noh-vey-sento”), a trim motorcycle that aims to “[achieve] a sense of balance,” according to BMW Motorrad’s Head of Design, Edgar Heinrich. As an “interpret…


MINOTAUR Opens New Urban Gear Concept Store in Nakameguro

After opening a brand new shop in Roppongi Hills’ Mori Building back in March, Japan’s MINOTAUR has unveiled its latest retail endeavor. Dubbed M.U.G. for “MINOTAUR Urban Gear,” the Nakameguro spot emphasizes high-performance gear over all else and largely emphasizes footwear and bags — all of which are made in Japan.

Check out the clean space above and, if you can…


The Clearport Offers Up a Unique Airport-Themed Retail Concept

As guests walk into The Clearport, they are immediately greeted by arrival and departure screens — cleverly informing of sold-out items and brands. Handed a security bin meant to hold items of purchase, patrons are free to roam about the shop to peruse items from the likes of BBC, Publish, Akomplice, Profound Aesthetics, in addition to ot…


Audi Packed an Electric, Autonomous Longboard Into the Bumper of a Q3 With Its Connected Mobility Concept

Look, we get it: longboards are not cool (at all) in the eyes of most skaters. Scooters (non-skaters agree) are even lamer. But Audi is hoping to change your minds a bit with a little German engineering as it introduces its Connected Mobility Concept. Unveiled in Beijing this week, the specially-designed vehicle is mostly just your standar…