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8-Year-Old Skateboarder Becomes Youngest Girl to Compete in Vans Open Pro Series

Hailing from Miyazaki, Japan, Sky Brown is the youngest female to skate the Vans US Open Pro Series. Surrounded by a family of skaters, she picked up a board when she was just three years old. The young prodigy has amassed thousands of view on YouTube ever since her first video showing her eff…


Google Wants Its Self-Driving Cars to Compete with Uber

It looks like Google’s much-hyped self-driving car project will finally get its own company underneath Google’s Alphabet holdings group, as early as next year. The project is under tremendous pressure to start generating revenue, and the tech mammoth has ambitions of bringing an autonomous ride-hailing system to market, starting with small areas…

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Here’s How New Balance Can Compete with Nike

Nike and adidas are sportswear monsters, swallowing market share quarter-after-quarter. However as New Balance’s recent initiatives in the world of soccer apparel shows, the American brand is looking to throw some stones at the throne.

With that in mind, Business Insider finds New Balance’s “clunky, outdated logo” its biggest deterrent from reaching …

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