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Check out HYPEBEAST KOREA’s “Orange Juice” Editorial

We recently announced that HYPEBEAST is now live in South Korea and our Korean editorial team invites us to brighten up with its latest orange-focused editorial. With the cold weather of the season upon us it can be especially difficult to incorporate color into our wardrobe, but HYPEBEAST KOREA’s editorial titled “Orange Juice” shows us it is possible to em…


Check out FORTY PERCENTS AGAINST RIGHTS’ Latest Seasonal Offerings

Japanese streetwear label FORTY PERCENTS AGAINST RIGHTS recently unveiled its offerings for the upcoming season. Founded by Tetsu Nishiyama — better known for his WTAPS label — FPAR was started as a form “guerilla media” against the false information expressed by the mass media. This time around FPAR returns with mi…


Check out the Soundtrack List for T2: Transpotting

With the original film delivering one of the most iconic British soundtracks ever, the soundtrack for T2: Trainspotting has a legacy to live up to. Recently the soundtrack for the sequel was leaked after being briefly published on Amazon. Quick fans screenshotted part of the list and the internet has been buzzing about the reimagined tracks that appear. Iggy Pop’s “Lust Fo…