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Yves Béhar Introduces Hive View: A Sleek Detachable Indoor Camera

Known for his intricate design work, Yves Béhar introduces a lightweight indoor camera capable of disconnecting from its ultra-thin stand. The Hive View’s compact design allows the camera to easily maneuver wherever it’s placed, as it can rotate and flex with a 130º field of view.

The camera features live HD streaming, person detection, and a hist…


Protruly Releases a 360-Degree Camera Phone With Diamond and Gold Accents

Shenzhen-based company Protruly has resurfaced the Darling smartphone at Mobile World Congress, which includes a built-in 360 degree camera capable of capturing video and photos at once. The phone is available in two versions: a standard model and a more extravagant iteration. The latter comes with four diamonds embedded on the top, along with premium accents made of leather …


The Impossible Project Is Launching Its Own Instant Camera

Eight years after resurrecting Polaroid’s abandoned type 600 instant film back in 2008, The Impossible Project is finally introducing its very own camera to go with the format. Aptly dubbed the I-1, the upcoming release will be the only new camera for the original Polaroid format (it can use the discontinued film and the Impossible Project’s own reverse-…


NOWNESS Presents ‘Ethan Sprague: The Camera and the Cage’ – A Short Film About New York City’s Street Basketball

NOWNESS has released a film capturing the rawness of New York City’s street basketball, specifically at the courts on the corner of West 4th Street and 6th Avenue. The short film was directed by Alex Grazioli, who was captivated by the the in-your-face nature…

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