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This Smart Dining Table Can Both Charge Your Phone and Boil a Pot of Water

As our living spaces become ever smaller and rooms become multifunctional, there will come an increasing need for furniture that can solve multiple problems within its singular design. Cue the SMART SLAB by SapienStone and Stockholm-based design firm KRAM/WEISSHAAR, which integrates heating, cooling and wireless charging elements under a SapienStone ceramic tile surfac…


Zenos’ Lightweight E10 R Is Both Ultra-Lightweight and Highly Overpowered

Having a fast car is a relative thing — a proper chassis, a significantly lightweight body and gobs of power seem to do the job for most vehicles. Zenos’ new E10 R is just that, which has all of these attributes in one package and is only asking approximately $ 60,000 USD for it, or about the price of a mid-sized BMW. The two-seat track monster now boasts…

Via: Hypebeast