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Reginald Sylvester II, GucciGhost & More Acclaimed Artists Take Part in “Punch” Exhibit

Lauded contemporary artist Nina Chanel Abney has lent her curatorial abilities to a new group exhibition at the Jeffrey Deitch gallery in New York City.

Entitled “Punch,” the extensive presentation features original artworks by Abney’s close friends and leading creatives such as Nina Chanel Abn…


Paul Insect, FAILE & More Celebrated Artists Featured In New “Paper Trail” Exhibition

Allouche Gallery in New York City will soon launch a new group show called “Paper Trail.” The exhibition will explore diverse works on paper including drawings, paintings, sculptures, and collages. A list of acclaimed international artists has participated in the showcase such as Paul Insect, Swoon, FAILE, Shep…


LES (ART)ISTS and K-Way Release Line of Jackets That Nod to Fashion’s “Dream Team”

Parisian label LES (ART)ISTS has drawn inspiration from the tried and true mixture of streetwear and sportswear, paying homage to famous artists and sports teams of the world. For its latest collection, the imprint has teamed up with K-Way for a line of jackets inspired by US football jerseys. The nylo…


Here Are How Your Favorite Artists Are Celebrating Thanksgiving on Social Media

Thanksgiving is well underway in America. The holiday for giving thanks seems much needed after a long and arguably tough year. While a lot has happened, your favorite musical artists haven’t forgotten to update their social media accounts with what they’re thankful for, whether it be for food, fans or even political statements of support for…


GROSS Magazine Is Looking to Showcase Artists’ Beginnings With Stickers

GROSS Magazine is a new publication of stickers that is hoping to keep the craft alive and kicking. Its first volume is inspired by the beginnings of artists, when creatives were still wide-eyed and had no clue what they were doing. The founders have rounded up contributions from a range of diverse creatives, including the likes of Aaron De La Cruz, Barney Cools, A-Tra…