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Google Buy ButtonSeems like the ultimate google takeover of the world is getting closer and closer everyday. Google will soon be launching a buy button for products right on the search page. Of course it sounds great but it really is just another way to acquire a piece of the pie from all e-sellers who want to compete. We love innovation in any market and we welcome all types of new ways to do business so lets see how this pans out for customers and sellers alike. I’m sure adwords campaigns will be getting a nice add-on option.

Aesop Frankfurt Store Designed by German Architect Phillipp Mainzer

Australian bath and body care specialists Aesop recently opened their fifth store, this time located in Frankfurt and designed by German architectural designer Phillipp Mainzer. The brick-and-mortar takes on a slight hue of green, along with befitting natural elements ranging from the solid walnut cabinets to the raw brass cou…

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Head Porter 2015 Autumn/Winter “Stellar” Series

Japanese luggage expert Head Porter are set to release an updated version to their popular “Stellar” series of bags and accessories. Enlarging the stars originally found on past releases, the design remains clean and stylish but now with a more dramatic look. The line continues to use soft nylon for construction, while pockets both…

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