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Sell Your Products Direct To The Consumer

black rose snapback

I recently read a article about the brand “Greats“. If your not aware of the them they are a new sneaker company selling direct to consumer footwear and you can check them out here. The article asked the question to co-owner Ryan Babenzien:

Why did you decide to cut out the middleman and retailers?
Ryan: We just felt that that was a very competitive market. It’s broken and dated. You don’t need the big box retailers to scare your business. It’s hard to get in there too, because the big guys are controlling it. That’s what made us consider this model. The great thing is that customers save money. It’s a greater product for less.

The great part about this is that, and i knew this when they first launched, they are doing exactly what i set out to do a year prior to them so i saw that I’m definitely on the right path. We as creators havent needed the big box stores or even small boutiques at all. We have a direct connection to the consumer now it isn’t smart to continue to overcharge on items just so we can sell to stores and they profit. I’ve always thought to myself the wholesale market/stores buyers is really just a middleman that takes a part of the profit from the creator as well as the customer.

Now as you may know the background of the owners of the “Greats” have good backing as well as tons of history/experience in the footwear/apparel industry that has helped there growth and thats great for them. But to everyone else like myself when i started Kings Of NY you may not have much to play with or the knowledge but I’ll be the first to tell you, You don’t need it. If you have the passion and fight to succeed in anything you do, you will. We are and have been at no overhead since day 1. Turn 8 to 100, 100 to 1000 and that to a 100,000 and so on.

It’s great times in this world when the creator can reach a customer without a middleman and Im glad to see others doing the same. With changes like this in the industry the creators have taken the power back. No more relying on a buyers choice of clothing to sell to your fans/customers. We decide and they either fail or they succeed. Either way we decide as the designers and creators.

-Danny (Kings Of NY)

How To Start A Streetwear Brand

I’m sure if your reading this post you probably are interested in starting your own streetwear brand, well good. First i want to say “good do what the f*ck you want in life, life is too short to give a damn about what anyone else thinks.” So here goes a few steps that’ll get you going in the simplest form I can put it because, well I’m me.

1.Figure out the type of products you want to sell: From tshirts to the all of a sudden “super streetwear cool” socks just pick a starting point and keep it simple. Keeping it simple will allow you to make the best product of that category to introduce to customers at the best low price investment for you as the brand owner and probably the only person putting up the cash.

2. Figure out a effective way to create your product and meet the customer price you want as well as wholesale price point if you plan to go the wholesale route and sell to store or boutiques (aka the normal way). I’m personally a fan of the direct to consumer path as I just don’t like giving anyone else a cut because I like my profits, call me crazy. Anyway google/youtube is your best learning channels search watch and repeat until you figure it out.

3. Web web web web… if your web presence is not already up and going smack yourself and get it together its the lowest cost way of getting your product to a customer and the world to take notice. You are now a streetwear brand…. this wasn’t a lesson on how to be a successful one. But to help in the success of moving forward heres a good article on at least the mind state you should keep as you move forward from bobby hundreds.

4. Sell it yourself to stores via cold email blasts or brandboom accounts or/and Attend trade shows *magic, agenda, etc.. or find showrooms to represent you for your distribution. Either way you choose just make smart decisions and justify all the costs with tons of research and evaluation of profits as well as losses. I’ve always said if you can’t afford to fail you probably should try a different approach (different size booth, different show, smaller venues, different price points and maybe different markets).

5. Keep orders and new products rolling out keep your schedules right depending on how you sell. I’ve always said in my life i want to do what i want everyday and the slave to store deadlines for seasons was never my game but like I said do what works for you and the brand vision you have.

But the piece of advice i will still leave you with is the same as i started with… F*ck everyone else and do your thing, fall down get up, fall down get up… do it your way and stay true to it. Life is too short to give a damn about what anyone else thinks.

-Danny (owner of kings of ny)