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Norm Bates – Word Around Town Week 2 (Rap News Video)

Dope new video from our homie and rapper NORM BATES. Lately it seems he’s starting a rap news weekly video segment and it couldn’t be more dope. This week he raps about topics like lilwayne vs  birdman, justin beiber, black chyna and more. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Also check out that respect t-shirt hes wearing in our shop to purchase.

‘Star Wars’ Speeder Bike Quadcopter

A Star Wars Scout Trooper here takes flight, courtesy of Adam Woodworth and his impressive, custom speeder bike quad-copter. The Star Wars-themed speeder bike was modified from a Hasbro Speeder toy, with Woodworth gutting the machine and rebuilding it to his liking. He even crafted his own Scout Trooper, as a store bought figurine was too heavy…

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Passarella Death Squad x Penthouse

Passarella Death Squad have teamed up with storied men’s lifestyle magazine Penthouse to produce a limited number of prints, based on David Cronenberg’s Videodrome. The deeply unsettling film explores the darker corners of sexuality in the information age, and these prints owe their grainy affect to its exploitative VHS aesthetic. With models taken from the …

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