PornHub Says “Six Seconds is More Than Enough,” Offers to Buy Vine From Twitter

In light of the news that Twitter was killing off Vine, an unexpected venture has stepped forward to express interest in saving the struggling app. In a letter shared with CNET, PornHub VP Corey Price reached out to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to see if the social networking service would be willing to pa…


Here’s How Three Designers Are Moving Menswear Fabrics Forward

There’s always been certainties in the world of fashion, one such certainty being that menswear is less adventurous than womenswear. In fact, it’s often seen as downright boring in comparison. And nowhere is that conservatism more apparent than in the world of menswear fabrication.

Aside from the usual fabrics – denim, jersey, etc – designers are increasingly buckin…


Fear of God Temporary Shop Opening Soon in Los Angeles

As speculated earlier, Fear of God founder and fashion influencer Jerry Lorenzo is gearing up to make a quick stop in Los Angeles, California in the popular Maxfield Gallery located on Melrose Ave. Taking place from November 4 and concluding on December 21, no details of its composition have been revealed as of yet, but it’s safe to assume that it may be a mix of Fear …